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David Mumm

Hi!  My name is David Mumm; I am the author of Actualization Work and the BrainWorks Program. Professionally, I am a human development specialist, with a focus on learning, personal healing and transformation, the brain and neuro-development.  Actualization Work is a holistic psychology I have synthesized over a 25-year career through study, training, and most importantly, practice, facilitating well over 10,000 hours of healing and transformational work for people of all ages, infants to elders. I worked as a psychotherapist/psychology intern for five years supervised by psychologists in Columbus, Ohio through a Ph.D. program in clinical psychology.

I have been a licensed Brain Gym® instructor/consultant since 1986. My father was an outstanding and pioneering dentist. My mother was a speech language therapist, pioneering in her field as well. I was a cadet at Kentucky Military Institute, graduated high school from Columbus (Ohio) Academy.  My B.A. in psychology and pre-architecture was from Beloit (Wisconsin) College. My Ph.D. studies in clinical psychology were done with Fielding University. After college I founded Thinking Dynamics, teaching speed reading and memory training, with Dr. Forrest Ratliff in San Antonio, Texas.  In 1986 I founded PowerLearn Technologies.

A few of my accomplishments:

  • Body-Centered Psychotherapist Working With Adults And Children With Trauma

  • Learning And Personality Difficulties For 4 Years

  • Master’s Level Of Ph.D. Program In Clinical Psychology

  • Mind-Body Trainer And Education For Over 25 Years With Powerlearn Technologies

  • Licensed Brain Gym Consultant Since 1986

  • Over 15,000 Hours Facilitating Mind-Body-Spirit Actualization Work

  • Author Of Chronic Brain Distress

  • Inventor Of The Awakening The Sleeping Brain Method

  • Inventor of the Creating Courage: Dissolving Fear and Anger Method

  • Inventor of the Shame to Communion Method

To learn more about my work go to: www.powerlearn.us

These days I enjoy tennis, ping-pong, hiking with my dog, and dancing. I also really like cooking a vegetarian gourmet meal for friends and family. I meditate daily and seem to be always learning something new and amazing!

John "JD" Starman, MA


Brain Gym Consultant​



Biological Sciences, University of Illinois at Springfield


He is a licensed Brain Gym Instructor and has been a Tai Chi instructor since 1993.  Retired Illinois Department of Public Health and worked in the neuro-feedback field two years. He has studied and worked with David Mumm for 15 years, applying neuroscience research to help people with brain-based problems develop their full potential.