What is Total Bio-Fitness?

Total Bio-Fitness offers a new and unique definition of health.Total Bio-Fitness means all the human biological systems are optimized to enable a person to be the best that they can be, mind, body and spirit. Achieving these states of fitness yields greater vitality, intelligence and performance leading clients to more success and happiness!


Continuum of Health

Disease <-- Chronic Stress <-- Acute Stress <-- *Healthy* --> Bio-Fit --> High-Performance


Any given point of the body could be in one of five states: disease, chronic stress, acute stress, healthy, very healthy (bio-fit) or highest-functioning.   Being fit is essential to achieve high-performance states which require training and effort, say in sports or music. We achieve rapid life-changing results with the Aurora BioFitness Programs by shifting stress points into higher states of functioning.

Brain Stress   -------->   Brain Fitness

Physical Stress   -------->   Physical Fitness

Mental Stress   -------->   Mental Fitness

Cognitive Stress   -------->    Cognitive Fitness

Social  Stress   -------->    Social Fitness


Five Types of Bio-Fitness

​​1). Brain Fitness

  • Quick speed of reaction time

  • Sensory processing ability: see, listen, smell, taste, touch

  • Brain's ability to maintain focus and alertness

  • Connectivity: how well the brain communicates and coordinates within itself

  • Accuracy:ability to detect small differences

  • Time perception: knowing order and duration of events

  • Plasticity: ability to respond and adapt to change

  • Ability to modulate moods, emotions and thought patterns

2). Physical Fitness

  • Ability to move with full range of motion, agility and balance

  • Energy sufficient for activities

  • Good nutrition and digestion for strength, energy, mental clarity

  • Immune system resilience and resistance to sickness

  • Physical strength and endurance

  • Ability to restore vitality with rest

3). Mental Fitness

  • Person is able to control impulses, emotions, thoughts and behaviors

  • Have appropriate responses to challenges and opportunities of life

  • Able to generate a positive, hopeful, mood state

  • Able to practically apply knowledge learned

  • Able to realize intellectual, emotional and social potential

  • Able to maintain a sense of well-being and self-confidence

4). Cognitive Fitness

  • Alertness

  • Memory ability

  • Learning ability

  • Reading and comprehension ability

  • Clear thinking ability: analysis, synthesis, logical reasoning

  • Executive skills: planning, organizing, decision-making, concentration

  • Visualization and creativity

  • Language, math, music, conscious movement ability

5). Social Fitness

  • Ability to understand self and others

  • Ability to understand and maintain social roles and rules

  • Awareness and control of emotions, thoughts, behaviors relative to their effect on others

  • Positive self image and self-esteem

  • Conversational skills of listening and speaking