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A Bottom-Up Way to Affect the Brain With Reflexes

There is an epidemic of problems of internal imbalance rooted in chronic biological stress - Bio-Stress, such as issues with:

Attention, Learning, Reading, Memory

Balance, Coordination, Sports Agility

Self-Control, Relationships, Emotions

Wanting Greater Calmness, More Energy, Better Sleep

Immune System Issues

With our technology, based on new biological science, we address these issues by quickly and effectively relieving Bio-Stress, to influence, encourage and allow the system to improve communication and function and return to balance.

The Infant Reflex System of neuromotor reflex patterns is one of our 8 identified sources of Bio-Stress signals. A high Bio-Stress load can lead to a low functioning, but not diseased, system of the human body that compromises vitality, intelligence and performance in many areas.

The Infant Reflex knowledge, as brought forth in contemporary times by Svetlana Masgutova, is part of our methods of reaching into the deep parts of the brain using certain movement patterns that are quite familiar to the brain. These reflexes aren't the standard “knee jerk” responses. They are primitive, complex, built-in, full-body movement patterns which are with the baby when she comes into the world.

When the baby is on her belly and gets curious and sees something she wants to get, she lifts her head and shoulders off the floor to look. That is the Spinal Perez reflex pattern. It is a complicated movement considering there are 16 connections to each vertebra. She reaches out for the item and the opposite leg bends in order to set her up to do a belly crawl (Bauer Crawling Reflex).

In this way, the baby can learn to connect attention, curiosity and movement. This is what develops the brain, so the movements are deeply ingrained into the System.

Moving the body consciously in these patterns provides a familiar pattern as a stimulus, through a feedback loop similar to proprioception. This impulse is received in a deep area in the brain stem where the reflex is regulated. This area is also where the stress behaviors originate, so we are reaching right in to bring activation and frontal lobe, conscious connection in order to provide the opportunity to release the Bio-Stress and reset to a more beneficial state.

Our program uses 17 of these reflexes which are known to be associated with attention and cognitive function. There are ways that these reflexes progress from helping the baby learn how to move, which creates the brain in the first place, to making life easier in the more advanced areas of the brain. Instead of “extinguishing” after the second year, as medical science teaches, Pavlov and Vygotsky asserted these reflexes "graduate" to the higher cognitive functions and make life easier at that level. As an example, without a good grasp reflex as an adult, we can’t grasp ideas.

New tools

This means we have a useful method to improve connectivity and influence cognitive functions. Consciously and intentionally performing these reflex patterns in the correct conditions can assist in improving the attentional control of behavior.

Reflexes can release their related charge of Bio-Stress and switch fairly quickly, so it is possible to address several in a session to help bring improvement in brain function.

There are also birth reflexes identified. Birth is not a passive event for the fetus. One of the activities the fetus performs to assist birth is arching the spine back, the Spinal Perez reflex. This is a complicated movement, many muscles are involved, but it is a built in pattern, so it is easy for the baby.

Once we were working with a 9 year old boy on the table. We knew his birth had been difficult. We were going through the all of the different processes of the Program and suddenly he put his knees up and dug his heels in the crease of the massage table and pushed the top of his head away, sliding towards the end of the table. We both knew immediately it was a birth reflex and so David pressed his fingers in a ring at the crown of the boy’s head – index fingers and thumbs touching - to give him some pressure to push against. He kept doing the move – pushing and then scooting back - the second time David said: “Is that enough pressure?” The boy sighed, “Oh yeah” and kept pushing, very satisfied.

It was interesting to see an intuitive and spontaneous jump into a reflex pattern that needed to release its Bio-Stress charge. The innate body wisdom can work things out and release the charge in needed areas.

The System can be stuck in a highly charged state with compromised higher functions. Then it is necessary to lower their Bio-Stress load enough so the system can move more towards homeostasis. In the state of improved neuro-communication, they are more resilient and their innate wisdom can gain more control and move them forward even faster in our Program.

JD Starman

Aurora Bio Fitness

We look forward to addressing any questions you may have.


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