What Clients Say

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As a research-oriented wellness center, we organize data collected from testing, video and audio recordings and client testimonials according to the following categories:


  • Children's Development

  • Cognitive Skills

  • Post-Traumatic Wellness

  • Performance and Personal Development

  • On the Spectrum

  • Aging Healthier, Smarter, Better

Children's Development

Children's Developmental Delay may be caused by chronic bio-stress. Our child clients see rapid simultaneous improvement in many areas:

  • Moving

  • Learning

  • Emotional self-control

  • Physical growth

  • Language skills

  • Staying focused

  • Processing experience

  • Comprehension




























Awesome results! David's work, combining Brain Gym, his psychology background and the reflex work boosted my 13 year-old son's confidence. He has been able to move from a school for children with learning disabilities to a mainstream school, where he has excelled in schoolwork. - Cindy Perry, R.N​


“Thank you!  I have my son back! He had become so aggressive, angry and distant.  He is once again warm and cuddly, and in just a couple of sessions.”


-J.S., mom



“Our six year old has gone from last in his class in finishing his work to the top third after your program. His teacher no longer thinks he has attention deficit.”


-Sonya & David Brown

"I actually understanding what I am reading."  


This 9 year-old boy had 5 diagnoses and had two medications for 5 years, one for ADHD and another for mood.  At the beginning of the program he had great difficulty managing his emotions, throwing and catching a ball, and even saying the alphabet.  Watch what happens.h. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

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"She had a wall up and came across as selfish - her way of protecting herself from the world. That wall has come down and she can see the kindness and caring of others.  She was so anxious, She has more confidence. She is more willing to try new things,  She now has quick and accurate answers. And balance is a lot better when riding her scooter. She’s not running into stuff, falling over!"

This 12 year old girl was not doing as well in school as she wanted.

 After 5 sessions, she had these results:


She is sleeping better, has greater calmness and confidence.

She's more relaxed being around people, and she's  reading better!

“I’m actually understanding what I am reading better than before.”

Her grades improved.

She received a 100 on a Spanish test.

Now she felt more coherent in thoughts when she was writing.

She noticed she started organizing first.

She could now use her visualization skill.


Her teacher said she was now “engaged, having fun, focussed, getting her work done and did not have a glossed-over look in class.

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Jesse was a bright 19 year-old but he could only read at a 2nd grade level, 14 words a minute. He had been through a dozen reading programs  since he was 8, with no progress.
We found that his eyes were not able to perform the micro-movement (saccades)  that decodes written words. This was the result of falling off a porch when he was 4.
He began to decode words spontaneously the day after a trauma re-set session. Three months later, his mother called and said he was reading aloud from the Bible.

He struggled in high school. It took him all evening to finish homework others finished in an hour.  He graduated from high school and tried a course at Community College.  It was very difficult for him.  He tried another course.  It was also hard for him.


He came in and finished the Whole Brain Fitness Program.  That allowed him to finish his undergraduate degree.  Five years after the Program, he became the Supervisor of Production for a $3 million food company and handles all the customer information.


He stated he now has the confidence to learn new things because he knows he is capable of learning.

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We received a letter from Jacob's family,  after his Brain Fitness Program:

"I had to write to you to thank you again for everything you have done for Jacob and our family. We came to you in a time of desperation, when we were struggling to figure our next steps. What you gave back to our family was something we will always be grateful for.

It has been a month and we are happy to say that we have our Jacob back. He has not had the headaches and has not been taking any medication since his appointment with David. His grades have improved and his personality is one we remember. We will always be grateful. Thanks for everything!


Love Matt, Marie, Jake, and Meg"

She constantly heard an echo in her hearing for 13 years after a work accident. Through the Whole Brain Fitness Program the echo disappeared along with other symptoms,  restoring her quality of life.  After the Whole Brain Fitness Program she could

This young man was quite affected by a car accident. He was having trouble sleeping and he said he felt depressed and anxious.


He wanted to sleep better, to be social more often, to be able to sit down for longer periods of time and concentrate better.


In five sessions he said he “Noticed a huge difference.”  He was processing more information faster and his martial arts skills were better.  Everything seemed better. He was able to sit for longer periods and he noticed more involvement in life.

Performance and Personal Development

Virtually any behavior or issue a person wants to change,

or goal they want to achieve, can be enhanced!

  •       Arts: read music, play instruments, sing, dance, act, speak in public 

  •        Life skills: self-discipline, typing, cooking, organizing, driving a car

  •        Sports: enhance coordination, stamina, perceptual speed and accuracy

  •        Social: emotional balance, listening skills, public speaking

  •        Business: time management, finances, leadership, salesmanship

After her car accident, she was not functioning well. Three sessions later, she felt she was back to herself.

An early head injury reduced his coordination and some innate reflex movements were compromised, Three months later, after working with Whole Brain Fitness, he became the table tennis champion of his high school.

On the Spectrum

The Whole Brain Fitness Program began when David worked with children diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder at the Healing Arts Institute in Louisville, Kentucky in 2001. We understand autism as a result of early childhood trauma and toxins to those with a genetic predisposition. We see key neuro-circuits are under-developed as a result of the post-traumatic state leaving neuro-motor reflexes non-integrated and the executive brain under-developed.​

This 61 year old man has been on the Spectrum his whole life. He is a good musician and a good cook. He was intimidated by others and had a hard time making eye contact. He wanted it to be easier to walk and go downstairs. He came in 3 hours a day for 4 days in a row and had good results. His voice was stronger and he was much better in social contact.

He said: “Going up and down stairs is not the chore it used to be.”


Aging Healthier, Smarter, Better

Dissolving life-time accumulation of bio-stressors, optimizing and maintaining neuro-circuits yields:


·         Greater ease of movement, walking, balance

·         Feeling better, stronger

·         Having more energy, better sleep

·         Stronger immunity​​​