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Scientific Definition of Biological Fitness

Biological fitness  is a term first used by biologist Charles Darwin describing the ability of an organism to reproduce, passing on its geneti inheritance, so the species might adpated to changin conditions in its environment.

What we mean by Bio-Fitness is an ideal state of of balance and health of the internal systems of the body that support all of our activities.  Bio-Fitness recognizes that all the systems of the body actually operate as a unified whole in conjunction with the consciousness and choices of the person.  We see bio-communication circuits as primary and essential to realize total fitness.

For instance,  physical fitness is a state of efffectiveness and efficiency that includes vitality, resiliecne, strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and agility.   However, if the neuro-motor reflex systems  essential for movement are not fully in communication with the brain, all of these qualities are compromised, and the person will never achieve their full potential.

Before the industrial revolution, fitness was defined as the capacity to carry out the day’s activities without undue fatigue. However, with automation and changes in lifestyles physical fitness is now considered a measure of the body's ability to function efficiently and effectively in work and leisure activities, to be healthy, to resist hypokinetic diseases, and to meet emergency situations.[4]

adaptability to environment and ability to succesfully meet various challenges.

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