How It Works


Evaluate Eight Kinds of Chronic Bio-Stress

1. Stuck survival reaction patterns: fight/flight, trauma, fear, shame

2. Neuro-motor reflexes: birth, primitive, life-long reflex systems

3. Cranial neuro-circuits: seeing, listening, learning, thinking

4. Bio-regulation: acu-meridian system, immune system

5. Nutrition: for energy and brain performance

6. Executive skill development: planning, concentration, decision-making

7. Mental stress: emotions, memory, perception, beliefs, thought patterns

​8. Relationships: social engagement, family, self


Bio-Communication Circuits /  Nervous System


Neuro-Motor Reflexes

What is Chronic Bio-Stress?

This term refers to a low functioning, but not diseased, system of the human body that compromises vitality, intelligence or performance.

Example: having neck muscles that are always tight, even after a massage.

What is Bio-Communication?

This term refers to how the systems of the body communicate with each other. Our work is based on a new understanding of how reflexes, genes, nutrients, the acu-system and photons (light particles) work together to make our amazing bodies operate intelligently.


Have Conversations for Possibility: Goals, New Ideas, New Actions

Throughout our time together, clients have a personal coaching relationship with our staff.
Clients are encouraged to take action on their goals, embrace new insights and develop new habits.

Topics might include:​

  • Goal setting

  • Time management

  • Decision-making skills

  • Concentration training

  • Use of supplements

  • Dietary changes

  • Daily stress management

  • Cultivating will power


"The program goes to the heart of the issues, the sites of dysfunction, resulting in extraordinary gains in functional skills and self-confidence in a short time.”


- Karole Doran, Pediatric Occupational Therapist,OTR/L, BCP


Facilitate Activities
to Dissolve Chronic Bio-Stress and Optimize Bio-Communication for Greater Vitality, Intelligence, and Performance

After identifying chronic bio-stressors in the initial inventory, a unique plan is developed for each child or adult using a combination of the following approaches:

Actualization Work©

Actualization Work is a systematic facilitated mind-body process to accelerate actualization of a person's potential for greater happiness, intelligence, well-being, and performance. Virtually any aspect of learning, healing and change may be activated and accelerated. Each session can be a profound, life-changing experience. Individual sessions actualize greater well-being, happiness, intelligence or performance in athletic, musical, creative or academic endeavors.

Masgutova Neuro-Motor Reflex Method®

We use a remarkable approach from Russian psychologist Svetlana Masgutova, to activate critical brain-muscle reflexes which are foundational to not only movement, but higher cortical and cognitive functions.

Brain Gym®

Develops the brain's neural pathways the way nature does – through movement. It is a system of over 200 physical movements and processes which dissolve stress and teaches innate whole brain-body balance.


This highly effective European bio-resonance system “debugs” our inner human software for wellness and performance.

Peak Achievement Trainer®

A state-of-the-art neuro-feedback system used by athletes, executives and major universities which rapidly trains concentration, alertness and mood.

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Actualization Work


Muscle Reflex Integration


Brain Gym Activities


WaveMaker Session



We Optimize These Five Key Bio-Systems

1. Neuro-motor Reflexes: foundation of development


​2. Acu-meridians: the true mind-body connection​


3. Functional Neuro-circuits: for memory, social ability, physical balance, etc.

4. ​Biology of Emotions: the neuro-physiology of fear and shame

5. ​DNA: epigenetic expression, the mind-brain-gene dialogue