Frequently Asked Questions


What are sessions like?


David guides clients through success-oriented conversation, goal-setting, self-awareness and  whole body movement activities. Sessions are insightful, enjoyable and encouraging.  Rapid change occurs and clients get focused on and inspired to realize their goals, intentions and values. Services are delivered with respect and confidentiality.

What will we really do in a session?


Sessions are structured in four steps.  (see Actualization Work) It always begin with a deep conversation identifying client problems and setting clear, tangible goals. We will balance your neurophysiology using a combination of methods which include reflex activation and integration, (see Methods), through isometric activities and specific guided movements. Often the client is on a bodywork table for the movements. David also guides breathing and emotional expression. Sessions end with confirming the change in neuro-physiology and focusing clients on new actions to take in their lives.

Do results last?

Yes, because we are relieving chronic stress at a deep level, the results are usually immediate and permanent.  Clients are encouraged to make positive changes in their long-term goals and daily choices.   Sometimes an underlying pathology is revealed and clients are referred to their own or suggested health care providers.

Are your methods invasive or do they hurt?


No, all methods are non-medical, non-invasive, and cannot hurt you.

Are you a doctor?

Although I have practiced clinical psychotherapy for four years and I conduct my practice with the same ethical standards as a clinical psychologist, I am not a clinical psychologist or doctor. I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. I regularly refer clients to appropriate licensed health care providers.

Why do you specialize in Chronic Brain Distress?​

I see a great need among children and adults to fully develop and maintain their ability to concentrate, remember, read, write, and think clearly.  I have taught personal development, learning to learn, and cognitive skills since my apprenticeship in 1983 with Dr. Forrest Ratliff, a cognitive psychologist who specialized in speed reading and memory training.

How do you know so much about holistic healing of the brain since it’s not taught in any university or professional school?


I dedicated myself to being a pioneer in the area of brain-based education with the founding of PowerLearn Technologies  in 1986. In graduate school my dissertation proposal was on the role of neuro-motor reflexes in ADHD.  (see Moro Reflex article). I am also a committed life-time learner, having taught accelerated learning skills since 1984. I began creating the Whole Brain Fitness Program at a holistic health clinic in 2003. But I also had to heal my own brain.  In 1996, I was diagnosed with ADHD myself due to mercury and lead poisoning. I had to stop practicing psychotherapy and leave my clinical psychology program.  I have overcome auto-immune conditions and multiple food allergy reactions as well as a neurological degenerative condition. Over the years, I tried every treatment I could find, conventional and holistic, to recover.   I researched every method before trying it.  So I learned all about holistic healing of the brain by trial and error on myself!​     


Why have I never heard of this before?

David is a pioneer in the application of neuro-science, human development and "positive psychology" in a service profession. All of  the technologies used have at least a 25-year track record and considerable research support as well.  There is no widely recognized profession of  non-clinical mind-body therapies in this country as yet.  The first graduate program in "positive psychology" was founded at the University of Pennsylvania by Martin Seligman in 2006.

How can I learn more?

If you follow the links on our sites you will find a world of new and exciting innovations in the area of human development and dissolving chronic stress. Also, plan to attend one of my free Chronic Brain Distress seminars.  This is an interactive website: feel free to ask a question.

Do you accept insurance?​

No, all of my work is done in an educational framework. However, clients working with a doctor or psychologist, have been able to receive reimbursements from their insurance companies or have it paid for out of Health Savings Accounts.

Does medical insurance cover the program?

The Whole Brain Fitness Program and Actualization Work Sessions are  a non-medical approach to improve people's  performance in physical, behavioral and academic arenas. Our protocols do not require a licensed health professional, and are not considered "therapy", neither medical nor psychological.